In our process we have generated five concepts.



In this concept, which is a derivative from “Lunchtime atop a Skyscraper”, travelers can take a picture of themselfs. In this case it is the traveler who is having his lunchtime atop a ‘skycraper’. This picture could be send to friends or to your own mobile.

The picture will be projected on a big screen for everyone to watch like you belong to the city.


Sound and Lights

Because travelers do not want to see the mess of the construction site you needs to be disteracted; with sound and lights. With lights on the floor and wall travelers will be guided to the right platform.

With the crowed moving the lights will change to.



The silent room gives you a place away from all the noise outside where you can relax, phone and wait for the train without being disturbed by the construction noises.


PhotobucketConcept of the dynamic drawing.

This concept consists of a video screen, which is split-up in a lot of little squares, stands in front of the train station. Each square represents a drawing of a traveler/commuter, all drawings are connected to each other and together it is one big drawing.

With a smartphone the commuter logs in on a website. All they get is a little square (from the video screen) and a little part of the surrounding drawings. On this square (with the size of a post-it) he or she can express their feelings on that moment. This will be uploaded to the big screen.
Tunnel Vision.

The tunnel is a cold dark and colourless place through which the train rides but it should be new and exciting. As you can see below the view will vary from: land to tunnel to construction site.

If the train window is used as a frame it can be manipulated so that the portal tunnel is actually used to inform or comfort people in the train. For instance posters in the tunnel can be used to create an animation when you drive by. Frame by frame, poster by poster the tunnel can serve purpose as a tv screen. like a zoetrope, shown below.


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