January 22, 2010

Dear international reader,

Tadaaa is dutch for ‘Voilà’. I’d say: Voilà, our product presentation!



January 15, 2010

Check this teaser for our coming product presentation!
(It’s merely a by-product and for the pleasure of making little movies…)


January 12, 2010

Last monday we were at Delft Station collecting some footage for our coming movie. The weather was terrible – nothing like Hollywood where the sun always shines. For those who have seen the storyboard… This is what is going to look like…

For now you’ll have use your imagination. We are working hard to transform these images into something exciting. Furthermore, you can expect some product evaluations soon.


January 6, 2010

The concept has reached the level of detail that we want to present. We imagine that anyone interested is waiting for the video now.

Well, you have to wait a little longer, but in the mean time have a look at this storyboard. It’s our guideline to make the video. It is written in Dutch, because it’s our guideline. Sorry for that.

Aim of the video:
• Sell the product, ‘Express Art’
• Make credible that the concept works
• Convince the principal

First part: Explain the concept
• explain the situation,
• go into details of how it will be implemented.
Second part: Make credible that the concept Works
• Show how it may/should be used,
• who the users are,
• what moves them to cooperate.

Good start of 2010…

January 6, 2010

First of all we wish you all the best for 2010.  Ofcourse we made progress in the project and here are some results. Read the rest of this entry »