target group(s)

November 20, 2009

As said in the post ‘what will we do?’ of Friday 11 November we will make a cross media product for travelers who use the train station. We have identified three different kinds of travelers: the tourists, the commuters and the people who travel by train less than ten times a year (the average family). Each group has got their own characteristics and different purpose to use the train station and thus they need a different approach. Read the rest of this entry »


Product identity

November 20, 2009

What kind of product will we create and which feeling should it generate? What should be the identity of our cross media product?

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What will we do?

November 13, 2009

The demolishing and construction of the new Spoorzone in Delft will have a big impact on the life of the people who life close to the construction site, but it will also have an effect on how tourists will experience Delft. The majority of the tourists will enter Delft by train. What will happen to their expectations if the first thing your will see of the city is a giant mess, this huge construction side? Read the rest of this entry »