Inspiration just keeps on coming

Making graffiti with a laserpen, just your eyes or on a smartphone.
This piece of art is then viewable on your smartphone in 3D!
All art is send to a database so that everyone can view your tag and visa versa.

It may sound strange, but check it out with this link.

Pimping old boring buildings
This is an interactive projection on buildings were everyone stroling by can join in. There are 3 different types of interaction: body interaction were you stand in front of a screen, hand interaction were you move your hand above a light table and phone interaction with the tracking of waving phones. That input was then used to manipulate 6 different scenes.

Just watch the video and you’ll know why this is a very impressive project.


2 Responses to Inspiration just keeps on coming

  1. ifyoublog says:

    hey MediaCrossroad,
    the idea of 3D graffiti is really fascinating.
    And maybe you can change interactive projection on buildings to on contraction walls. that will be really interesting!
    Looking forward to see your movie!!

    • Hi IYB, thanks for the tip. We certainly consired this but we are already to far in the project to change everything. But it certainly is an advise/tip we will pass on to WESD. Because it really is worth checking out! Thanks though!

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