Concept presentation

Here is where you have been waiting for! The presentation of our concept: the ‘Express Art’ project. Inconcept reportyou can read everything about it.
And like the briefing two weeks ago we had to present our concept: this concept presentation we gave on monday.

I tried to got the documents and the presentation embeded, but it did not work… That is way they are regular links…

2 Responses to Concept presentation

  1. ifyou(f1) says:

    hey mediacrossroad,

    we like your final idea very much, and the others are intersting as well.
    we are thinking though there’s a drawing point for those who don’t have a smart phone, maybe there is still something you can do with a normal cell phone.


  2. ninavl says:

    Hey mediacrossroad,

    Nice idea! I like the way people are ‘distracted’ from every day life and are stimulated to interact with their environment. Maybe it is an idea to create more activity nearby te wall so people will interact with each other and the wall in stead of each with only the telephone they own.


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