Ideas and what’s behind them

Brainstorming… wondering… imagining. We’re in the middle of that. Apart from creating scenarios, we are extracting keywords. We got them out of the first range of little ideas. They are about the processes behind the ideas. They are the answer to the question: How to take away grumpiness. It goes like this:

Idea: Contribute a little drawing/photo/opinion.

How does it take away grumpiness?

– Podium. 15 minutes of fame. Seeing yourself on the big screen.
– Creativity. If you have inspiration, don’t lock it up. Spit it out!
– Contribute. Give something away for free.
– Belonging: Be part of the group that uses the station. Have something in common.
– Opinion. Cogito ergo sum. I twitter, so I exist. Expressing yourself as a basic need.

Idea: Count down. When’s the project finished.
– Information: By having an image of how things will be going, you take away uncertainty.
– Memories: By reading: “6 years to go” you think of the first time you saw the down counter: “13 years to go”. Your
thoughts stroll to who you were back then.

Idea: Moonwalk stairs.
– Playing. Playing can be a sequence of being surprised, trying things out, learning things, showing your skills.

Idea: Construction worker of the month
– The story. Engage with characters and discuss them with your friends, like you follow a soap story.

Idea: Colored lights by night.
– Sensation. Be surprised / look at something big / beautiful / amazing.

Idea: Leave Yellow footprints
– Territory. Leave traces. Make the city of Delft a little yours. (like tagging and guerilla gardening

Idea: Podcast for tourists.
– Learning. Get to learn something new! Enrich your world.

So we can extract and identify the following keywords:

Podium. Creativity. Contribute. Belonging. Opinion. Information. Memories. Playing. The Story. Sensation. Territory. Learning.

What’s next? Out of these keywords we will create even more ideas! They are like the classic HKJ’s. ” Houw Ken Joe… For instance make a podium for the target group?”  “How could you… Get them playing?”

The next range of ideas is supposed to be a little less crazy and simple. In fact, they should make sense!

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