Product identity

What kind of product will we create and which feeling should it generate? What should be the identity of our cross media product?

People who use the train station for traveling from home to work and visa verse (commuters) uses their time in a most efficient way. They do not actively whiteness the station. Because of the daily habits they (probably) do not want to be interrupted, they need to catch the train for work. It make more sense to use you spare time in bed then at the train station. However when they caught their train they do not need to do anything for at least five minutes, the train rides itself, and they have (little) time to do something else. If they return to home they will be less stressed and have any time to look around. So the product should be used both passively and actively. The structure of the product got to be easy and not complex but still appealing.

We have written the look of Delft and first expressions, so our product will be very visual. It should be some kind of bridge from the train station to the city centre, over the construction site. The visitors of the city will get a sneak preview of the city and the departing people will have a nice last look over their shoulder. We want to try to make people leave Delft without any hard feeling, stress or grudges.

The key words for our product should be: easy, fast (because it is easy), personal, conscientious, recognizance.

One Response to Product identity

  1. cmidg1 says:

    I like the aspiration to accommodate so many but isn’t your scope going to be rather big? If I’ve read it correctly, you are going to attend travelers both in the train and in the station, people traveling through Delft and tourists as well.
    Of course I understand that this is only your product identity but I eager to know how your will elaborate in the rest of your briefing.

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