Another cross media example

Here another couple inspiring examples. The first two (from artist LUC) are not really cross media, but really funny. Although the second it is another advertisement campagne, it is a form of cross media. Not really one we will use, but a good example non the less.

‘Waterbek’: a fountain which reacts on the voices of people.

And  ‘De Holte’. When you enter ‘de holte’ you will see a projection of someone entering the same room. At the same time you are being filmed and the person entering ‘de holte’ after you will see you footage.

The last example is of Vicki Butler-Henderson, British tv-host of ‘5th gear’, who tests a couple of Toyota car. On the TV a short version is published as a teaser and on the internet the full version is available.

Not really cross media, but it looks very cool. It is a bit the extended version of the ‘Microsoft surface’ table in a previous post


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