What will we do?

The demolishing and construction of the new Spoorzone in Delft will have a big impact on the life of the people who life close to the construction site, but it will also have an effect on how tourists will experience Delft. The majority of the tourists will enter Delft by train. What will happen to their expectations if the first thing your will see of the city is a giant mess, this huge construction side?

If you travel by train the train station will be the first and the last sight of Delft. The giant renewing of the Spoorzone will change the look of the main entrance point of Delft. Perhaps people arriving in Delft expect a historic and lovely city, the construction will be some kind of disappointment. On the other hand if you leave the city by train the construction site will be the last thing you will see. You do not want to leave the city you love broken-hearted…

That the problem we would like to solve. With our assignment we will focus on the arrival and departure of all the travelers. How can we welcome people in Delft in a way the city deserve and make sure the last memory of Delft will be a good one?

2 Responses to What will we do?

  1. reDelft says:

    keeping in mind that, construction site will be the image to be remembered the most as it is the first and last one, is really cool. nice!

  2. […] Project briefing » target group(s) November 20, 2009 As said in the post ‘what will we do?’ of Friday 11 November we will make a cross media product for travelers who use the train station. […]

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