Research Plan

To get an insight on all different type of travelers (this includes tourists, citizens and students) and how they experience the construction work, at arrival and at departure.

Arriving in Delft
What do they expect before leaving the railway station?
When they see the construction area, what do they expect? Do they expect the small historical city of Delft?

What are the expectations of the city when they first see the construction area?

Would they rather be informed before arrival in de city, maybe it would make the constructions more acceptable?

Would the construction area be a reason not to visit Delft? That in a few years when a lot of the construction work has been done, the city will be more attractive?

Departing Delft

When you leave the city you had a nice day, a pleasant stay. You forgot about the construction works. But when you arrive at the railway station you’re remembered by the huge construction area.

Does this last image of the beautiful city, influence your overall feeling about Delft?

Knowing now about the construction works and they’re leaving the city. How do they feel about it?


Around the construction area there are always a lot of observers. People who are curious about the works. Often these people are citizens of Delft and know what was there before and are not necessarily jumping for joy about all these transformations.

Where do you expect the pitfalls and irritations of this project?

And what can/should Delft do about this according to you?

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