Our first contact with SpoorzoneDelft.

Wednesday we had our first meeting with the project case and our client. SpoorzoneDelft. Here we got a brief presentation in the project concerning the build of the construction of the new railway station.

At first we had a short introduction at Delft Bouwt, located in the Barbarasteeg across the railway station.  Here we were introduced with a model of the entire construction area, a short presentation from SpoorzoneDelft and Wesd. Because there are different companies involved in this project the city of Delft started SpoorzoneDelft. This way the citizens and visitors of Delft have one address to contact for all there questions and concerns. The website is very thorough and is easily accessible.


Wesd is a foundation that is founded by concerned citizens of Delft. It is like a platform where all kinds of project are stimulated. These projects are initiatives of citizens of Delft, artists, children and local entrepreneurs. All these projects have one central theme, Change. Delft is on the urge of change, the whole way of entering the city will be changed, different and new. On the website these projects are organized and is the possibility to contribute in one of these projects.


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